Monday, September 04, 2006

Shatnez in Monsey

SHATNEZ TESTING: The Monsey Shatnez Test Center does testing in Monsey, Queens, Englewood & other areas as well. While testing in Queens, there arose some questions by some of the Queens "Rabonim" as to the expertise of the tester. The Rabonim had garments that the Monsey tester labeled as non-Shatnez was re-tested by the National Shatnez Testing laboratory & found that they did in fact contain Shatnez.

The Rabonim confronted the Monsey tester, & was told that these garments contain Shatnez, yet he was unable to identify the places that contained the Shatnez. Other tests were prepared for the tester to ascertain his degree of expertise. After the conclusion of the testing of his expertise he was advised not to return to Queens.

We followed up with approaching Rabonim in Monsey, NY to advise them to follow up on the serious concerns of the conclusion of the Queens Rabonim. The Monsey Rabonim sent garments to the Monsey test center & had the same results; the National Shatnez Testing Laboratory was able to clearly show the Rabonim Shatnez even though they had labels non-Shatnez.

The Monsey Rabonim confronted the Monsey Shatnez Center with the facts & concluded that he is not qualified to test for Shatnez.

Thereafter he went to the "Bnai-Brak" Shatnez laboratory to obtain a certification. They interviewed him & advised him that he will require a whole year of training in their Laboratory before they can consider certification. The tester advised them that he is leaving the Shatnez testing field altogether. Upon his return to Monsey he decided to continue Shatnez testing. Thereafter he obtained the certification of "Mishpat-Sholom" in Brooklyn, NY despite being advised by the Monsey Rabonim of the situation.

"Mishpat-Sholom" also certifies Lee Ave Laboratory. "Mishpat-Sholom" does not have a qualified expert in the practical testing of Shatnez in the Bais-Din. Lee Ave Brooklyn lab claims that they have retrained the Monsey tester. The fact remains that after retraining, we are confronted with the same problems, Shatnez garments having labels non-Shatnez.

As an aside: This writer, R' Yehuda Shain was trained in Shatnez testing under R' Yosef Rosenberger OB"M 40 years ago, and worked under his personal guidance.

A meeting was called by Mishpat-Sholom Bais-Din to update them of the findings of the Queens & Monsey Rabonim as far as the Monsey tester. We were present & a representative of the National Testing Laboratory as well. Present were representatives of the Lee Ave Shatnez center, why? The most important one was not present at all "the Monsey tester".

Some prominent Rabonim advised against going to the meeting called by the Bais-Din Mishpat Shalom as their intentions are to cover up & to make the accusers look foolish. We were not ready to accept that a Bais-Din will be using such tactics. Also at the meeting was a CPA who brought some suits of his (purchased at the British-American store in NYC) that were tested by the Lee Ave Shatnez center & labeled as Non-Shatnez. After retesting them at the Flatbush Lab (not affiliated with Lee Ave. Lab) they were found to contain Shatnez.

Also present was a prominent Flatbush Rov & a Flatbush askan. At first the Lee Ave. Lab told all of us & the Bais-Din that their tester has not been going to the British American store in Manhattan for 3 years. The owner of the suits called the store from the Bais-Din & they said that the Lee Ave. Labs tester comes every 2 weeks to do Shatnez testing. The Bais-Din Mishpat Shalom was in a bind by certifying Shatnez garments as non-Shatnez.

Mishpat Shalom decided on a new tactic & wanted to know 1 thing only “why we brought this new problem to them"? (This questions the qualifications of the current Lee Ave Laboratory. (The current head of Lee Av Lab is an individual that Mr. Rosenberger, OB"M never let him get involved in Shatnez testing.)

The CPA & the Flatbush Rav asked the Mishpat-Sholom Bais-Din how they intend to deal with this new serious problem. The Bais-Din responded that it's of utmost importance to know why I told the Flatbush group about this meeting & thereby putting them in a corner. And till they do not get a satisfactory response they will not address any real Shatnez issues.

Then one of the Judges said a long story about him eating a hot piece of Gefilte fish & going to the hospital, & it's hard for him to talk; yet all the Mishpat Shalom Judges had him do all of the talking.

We saw that the Monsey tester was not present & Lee Ave Lab was there, we realized the "set-up". At that point it was useless to remain any longer at the meeting. We must confess that the Rabonim that advised us against going to the meeting, were regretfully right, as this is the outcome they foretold.

The facts as they are today, the Monsey Shatnez Center & the Lee Ave Lab. are certifying clothing containing Shatnez as "non-Shatnez", under Mishpat-Sholom Certification.

The "Right Place" in Borough Park was advised that their tester is unqualified & is certifying suits containing Shatnez as "non-Shatnez", the Right Place refuses to adhere & stop those deceiving the public and buyer beware.

All of the "Right Place" suits require re-testing by a qualified lab, which excludes the following labs: Lee Ave Lab & their affiliates, Monsey Test Center. They claim to be guided by a Psak of a Rov. The Shatnez testing fee is a fraud. We verified that the Rov was given wrong and misleading information.

There have been surfacing some fraudulent letters about Shatnez & other related issues. The Rabonim signed authentic letters that certain Shatnez testers are not to be relied upon.

Are there prominent Rabonim in Monsey & other areas covering up & hindering the exposure of this scandal? YES
To be continued.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the name of this tester? Where is the center located?

12:01 PM

Blogger Yehuda Shain said...

on treetop on monsey "Yaakov Kreitman.

6:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find this ASTOUNDING! This is the main Shaatnez testing center in Monsey! Does this mean that people in Monsey have been "Nichshal" in Shaatnez for years?

9:50 AM

Blogger Yehuda Shain said...

Tht's right, just like Shevach- but still going on

2:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yoel Shachet from Lakewood was trained by the original Lee Ave. shaatnez expert. He trained me when I lived in Chicago. I've been out of community checking for years but it seems that the same way a Vaad Mishmeris Stam was created for Sofrus a similar organization should be set-up for Shaatnez checking.

5:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a good place(s) to check shatnez and be able to double check their qaulifications indpendently; who are the rabonim machshirim?
thank you

2:38 PM

Blogger Yudel Shain said...

The only places that are acceptable are the certified ones.
Certified by the International Assiocation of Shatnez testers.

Labs can be certified after training, testing & follow up.

If you need a qualified tester please call +732-364-7056.

BTW The Rabonim of Mishpat Sholom & Bais-Din l'shatnez told me that they DON"T KNOW A THING ABOUT THE PHYSICAL ASPECT OF SHATNEZ, They can't identify, cotton, rammy, linen, wool or any other fiber. I offered to teach them & they refused.

8:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


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