Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Israeli kashrus concerns.

Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Update 009February 17, 200923 Tevet 5769

Erroneous LABELING ON TOMATO PRODUCTSPri Nir Company – Lower Galil – tomato products with a regularhechsher from shmitah year were erroneously labeled as mehadrin with aRabbinate supervision in addition to Badatz Agudat Yisrael. It hasbeen decided that all tomato products from the factory from here onare only regular and not mehadrin supervision. Restaurants andcaterers are requested not to use any of the company’s products markedwith a mehadrin label.

CHEESE WARNINGGold Frost Ltd from Yavne – Bulgarian cheese in olive oil and spices –product code 7290011615406, under the name “Kolios” and with atriangle K supervision (Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag) with the approval of theChief Rabbinate of Israel. It appears the containers of cheese lackthe proper markings of the mashgiach and therefore, there are fearsthe cheese is not kosher and should not be used. Rav Ralbag adds hedoes not undertake any responsibility for the packages that do nothave his stamp of kashrut approval.

NATURAL SOURCE PILLSNatural Source 500mg vitamin C tablets bearing a BCK hecher (Rabbi EliLandau) are fraudulently marked and do not have his supervision, nordoes the product have the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.The product produced by Vita Health Canada contains non kosheringredients. Anyone finding the product on store shelves is asked tocontact BCK at 604-731-1803 or email info@bckosher.org.

PRODUCE REGULATIONSThe Chief Rabbinate informs chain stores to only accept delivery ofproduce from recognized distributers and factories, presenting theappropriate bills of lading with accompanying letter of koshercertification. There are now strawberries and other products comingstraight from growers, bypassing the system, eliminating the abilityto verify the integrity of their kashrut.

PURIM HAMENTASHEN ALERT (OZNEI HAMAN)With Adar rapidly approaching, the Purim hamentashen (oznei Haman)cakes will soon be seen in the marketplace. Purchasers must be certainto only buy products in sealed boxes with recognized known localrabbinate supervisions. Boxes with new or unknown supervisions shouldnot be purchased, as is the case with unmarked bulk shipments. Awarning is also issued for hamentashen selling at too low a price,which may signal a non-kosher item, non-Jewish baking, a dairyproduct, unsifted flour, dough used without separating challah, or non-kosher fillings. To avoid such obstacles, a valid legitimate bill oflading and appropriate kashrut certification must accompany everyshipment.

KASHRUT ALERTSPETACH TIKVAH: HaKohanim Shwarma – 22 Histadrut Street, advertisesitself as glatt kosher under Petach Tikvah Rabbinate. The store has nosupervision whatsoever.

HERZLIYA: Sim Sim Thai Box Restaurant, 56 Ben-Gurion Street – thelocal Rabbinate has revoked its supervision as of Feb 1, 2009.

UPPER NAZARETH: Lo Katchina Pizza on Shoshanim Street has lost itssupervision.Garin Tavlin Nuts, also on Shoshanim Street, lost its supervision.

NAHARIYA: The Park Plaza and Sole Marine Hotels no longer have a localrabbinate supervision.

CHIEF RABBINATE KASHRUT: Beit HaKliya Zahti is not under therabbinate nationwide supervision.

RISHON L’TZION: HaKol D’vash at 8 Rothschild Street. It advertisesitself as kosher on its label but does not have any legal supervision.Shvil HaDagin at 4 Rothschild Street. It advertises itself as kosheron its label but does not have any legal supervision.

YAHUD: 11 Sa’adya Chatucha Street – its packaging states kosher but itdoes not have any supervision from the local rabbinate.

TEL AVIV: Tike Tezi, 15 Aliya Street (at the corner of 54 Luwinsky)advertises itself as kosher. It does not have supervision from therabbinate but displays other certificates.In the Maariv Building at 53 Menachem Begin Street: The “Catering”operation advertises as kosher but lacks any supervision from theRabbinate.The Pargiot Metamei HaGrill Restaurant, 23 Carlebach Street. The TelAviv Rabbinate revoked its supervision.Bar Kokis, 31 Sheirit Yisrael Street, The Tel Aviv Rabbinate revokedits supervision.Ta’ami Restaurant, HaSharon Street, an adjoining door, without anymarking, has baked good under the label Gidron, displaying a photocopyof the Petach Tikvah Rabbinate when in actuality, it does not have anysupervision.

GAN RAVEH:The Mesech Helman Company – Rabbi Tzuri Ne’eman Shlita wishes toinform consumers that he gives the supervision along with the BrenerRegional Rabbinate.

The original PDF Hebrew file may be found on the Jerusalem Kosher Newsgroup website in the “File” section athttp://tinyurl.com/akobetRabbi Yaakov SabagChief of Kashrut DivisionRabbi Rafi YochaiChief of National Kashrut Fraud PreventionFor questions, or comments please send me an email atJerusalemkn@gmail.com . I will do my best to respond.Yechiel Spira

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