Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kusher Li'Pesach?

Quinoa cooks like rice, and it is considered as "kitnios", not to be used on Pesach.

There is a "Heter" being used called "kitnios-she'nish'tanu". The major kosher certifiers use that Heter unbeknown to many of the kosher consumers, be an educated kosher consumer-ASK. Ask all of certifiers if they utilize that "heter" and all items that are affected.

Many kosher certifiers do not have a full time Mashgiach present at productions. Not too far back it was the accepted practice to have a full time Mashgiach present at all Pesach productions. The full time Mashgiach at Pesach productions was curtailed to a big degree, the reason being that a certain kosher certifier (not from the NY Metro area) was charging less & not requiring Mashgichim at the Pesach productions, so everyone followed-Financial interests was in charge.

As an asides: That same kosher certifier also has very low kashrus standards in general, so they were able grab many of the Hashgochas in China-as their costs were less. Many of the other kosher certifiers had to follow suit.

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